A $1 billion stadium for the Vikings?

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In an attempt to make a new Vikings Stadium more palatable to Minnesota voters, the newest piece of legislation on the table asks the team and Hennepin County to help out with funding.

The latest proposal will cost nearly $1 billion, coming in at $975 million, reported the Star Tribune's Mike Kaszuba.

The money to be generated from charitable gambling amounts to approximately $52 million a year, down from the original proposal of $72 million a year. According Kaszuba, who referenced Representative Morrie Lanning, one of the authors of the new legislation, this was decided on "in order to provide charitable gambling officials with more tax relief."

The Pioneer Press reported the new portioning of funding outlined by the bill: The team would pay $427 million, the state would pitch in $398 million, and $150 million would be financed by Minneapolis.

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