Christians gather to celebrate in anticipation of Easter

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Christians gathered together Saturday in a procession leading into Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher in anticipation of Easter Sunday.

An article from the Associated Press, posted to the Washington Post's website, reported that "The Holy Sepulcher is a complex of cave-like rooms, winding corridors, a soaring domed roof, and ornate decorations alongside broken furniture." It is a solemn place where the Christians terminated their procession with a vigil during a time of waiting for Christ's resurrection.

"'The power of this place, to be here, it has to be experienced,'" The AP reported Jim Carnie, a New Yorker, as saying.

Photographs from the AP, published on the website of the Houston Chronicle, show worshippers gathered in tight groups and alone, in tradition dress and modern attire. Clergymen read from prayer books, and a backdrop of Christian paintings hung on a wall behind them.

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