Hunting season for MN wolf population?

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After being removed from the Endangered Species Act's list of endangered species in January, wolves again face the dangers of hunting as a bill is on the table for November that would allow them to be hunted again this year.

Kare 11's broadcast on the topic noted that the wolf population in Minnesota at its lowest was only between 300 and 600, and that not it is upwards of 3,000.

Tom Landwehr, commissioner for the Department of Natural Resources, is quoted as saying that t wolf hunting season would only remove about 400 wolves. He went on to explain that authorities already kill nearly 200 problem wolves each year.

Minnesota Public Radio announced that the typical five-year waiting period between removal from the ESA list and the opening of a legal hunting season was removed last year. Currently, MPR added, the bill, which comprises a number of hunting and game related measures, is in a dead heat because of the debate.

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