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Secret Service scandal grows

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The scandal surrounding the secret service agents grew as three more agents were discovered cavorting with prostitutes while in Colombia.

ABC News reported that now six agents have been forced out of the service with five more agents still under investigation.

The scandal happened prior to a Summit of the Americas meeting President Obama was set to attend.

NPR announced that members of the U.S. military were also involved and are now on administrative leave. Ronald Kessler or took part in the discussion on NPR and commented that "Each one of them [the Marines], if blackmailed by one of these prostitutes, could have provided access to a terrorist, for example, to do an assassination."

F-18 jet crashes into Virginia apartments

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The burning carcasses of apartment buildings and the white foam and scattered wreckage that littered Virginia Beach Friday were the result of a fighter jet's crash landing after the jet's engine began to malfunction.

"Catastrophic engine system failure right after takeoff, which is always the most critical phase of flying, leaves very, very few options," J.F. Joseph, an aviation safety expert, commented to CBS.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, and the pilots in the jet, a student and instructor, successfully ejected themselves before the crash.

MLive, a Grand Rapids, Michigan, news outlet, reported that Jewels Martin and her family witnessed the F-18 go down while vacationing in Virginia. "'It was kind of scary. We wondered, "Is something going on that we don't know about, a Twin Towers kind of thing? Why did that plane crash?"'" Martin is reported as commenting.

Video footage taken by the Martins showed black smoke billowing up in clouds from behind a row of houses and cars slowing on the streets in the foreground.

Gordon signs $37.5 million contract with Royals

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Alex Gordon, outfielder for the Kansas City Royals, signed a deal Friday with the team that awards him $37.5 million over four years.

Gordon started with the Royals in 2007 and ended up making a name for himself last year, hitting 23 homers and 87 RBIs, according to an Associated Press report published on CJOnline.

The contract includes a player option, meaning Gordon has the option of extending the contract for one year.

According to the Major League's website, catcher Salvador Perez and shortstop Alcides Escobar also signed long-term contracts with the Royals this year.

"Kandahar Massacre" Perpetrator had history of Fraud

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Before he enlisted in the Army, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, notorious now as the face of the March 11 "Kandahar Massacre," had what Bloomberg's Michael C. Bender and Mark Niquette termed a "broken career."

Bloomberg reported that following 9/11 Bales had worked for five different companies in as many years selling community-bank stock.

Bales' reputation fell when he was accused of swindling more than $600,000 from a couple's retirement account, Bloomberg reported.

The Chicago Tribune quotes Cincinnati lawyer Joseph Dehner saying that Hamilton-Shea,a firm where Bales worked, was "the kind of place where you learn to cold call, to 'pump and dump.'"

The Tribune elaborated that what Dehner is referring to is a "practice in which firms artificially raise the prices of stocks they hold by aggressively selling shares to clients and then selling their own shares."

Attempts to set up a small investment business of his own with his brother and his high school friend, NFL player Marc Edwards, also went wrong. Spartina Investments fell apart when the company failed to file its annual report on time.

President Obama spoke briefly Tuesday in response to the early-morning killings of Afghan civilians by a lone U.S. soldier in Kandahar Province.

The Star Tribune reports Obama as saying "The United States takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens, and our children, who were murdered."

In total, 16 civilians were murdered, three of whom were children, reports the Star Tribune.

Sara Sidner, writing for CNN, reported that the suspect, as yet unknown to the public, has turned himself in, and that the case will be handled by the military. In addition, she wrote, citing comments by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the case may result in the death penalty.

Remarks made by Panetta and published by CNN point to growing concern about the situation in Afghanistan.

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