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The United States reached an agreement with Afghanistan that will recognize the influence of both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda that is still strong in the region.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that this new agreement would extend the timeframe for U.S.-withdrawal an extra ten years after the initial 2014 deadline.

The Herald also highlighted the significance of this agreement in light of recent tensions over the Kandahar massacre in March.

The New York Times reported that the specifics of the deal were not released publicly, though it is known the deal is responsive to economic and infrastructure needs as well as security.

Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" dies at 93

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Mike Wallace, famed journalist and interviewer for "60 Minutes," died Saturday in New Canaan, Connecticut. He was 93.

David Bauder of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote, he "didn't just interview people. He interrogated them. He cross-examined them. Sometimes he eviscerated them pitilessly."

Wallace had the opportunity to grill many famous people, including Moammar Gadhafi, Deng Xiaoping, and seven U.S. presidents, the Chicago paper reported.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Wallace had helped to define a tough line of journalism that was able to get at the things people wanted to know.

Both papers mentioned the Coors beer ads that centered on Wallace's hardball interrogation: "The Four Most Dreaded Words in the English Language: Mike Wallace Is Here."

Syrian rebels to receive international aid

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The U.S. agreed Sunday at a United Nations summit to send communications equipment to aid the Syrian rebels in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad.

Steven Lee Meyers, writing for The New York Times reported that Arab nations also agreed at the conference to aid the opposition movement in Syria, offering the rebels $100 million in aid.

Meyers wrote that these pledges of support "seemed to stretch the definition of humanitarian assistance and blur the line between so-called lethal and nonlethal support." Both Russia and China have vetoed any military action in the country.

The conference was one of "The Friends of the Syrian People," reported CBS News. The U.S. was one of 70 nations at the conference that agreed to support the rebel opposition with equipment and monetary aid.

Pinterest under pressure to block "Thinspiration"

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Online photo-collage website Pinterest sent out a notice to its users that it, too, will start policing its site for "thinspiration" boards, taking a lead from which banned pro-anorexia pages last month.'s
Hilary George-Parkin wrote that the controversy lies in the issue of free speech measured against a sense of responsibility for preventing online violence, including messages that may provoke emotional or mental harm.

Rebecca Greefield, writing for The Atlantic Wire, reported on the influx of thinspiration and pro-ana boards on Pinterest after many of these sites were closed down by Tumblr, increasing the pressure on Pinterest to do something about the issue.

In addition, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others may begin setting up messages or ads directing users to hotlines and help centers alongside results for certain related keyword searches, Stylelite reported.

DVF x GapKids, BabyGap Launches March 15th

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The collaboration between GapKids, BabyGap, and CFDA-certified designer Diane von Furstenberg will be available Thursday. The collection, ranging between $20 and $120, will be available online as well as in select stores nationwide (including the Mall of America and Rosedale shopping center in Minnesota).

Izzy Grinspan, writing for, commented that the collection is "just as cute in person as it is in the look book. The bad news: Even if you're a tiny adult, you probably won't be able to wear any of the stuff."

According to Olivia Bergin at the Telegraph, the collection will include the kinds of pieces the designer is known for, including wrap dresses in miniature and hibiscus prints that echo the collection she showed at New York Fashion Week.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the retailer has done other collaborations with high-end designers in the past, including one with Stella McCartney.

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