Economics and Racial discrimination


"Racial discrimination pervades every aspect of a society in which every aspect of a society in which it is found." (Arrow 91) Racial discrimination has been going on in this country for a long time. Economical racial discrimination was brought to the public's eyes only the past few years. This kind of discrimination is difficult to find because many of the financial corporate jobs are filled with Caucasian people. This article also explores many aspects of economic, social, and political discrimination in the U.S. Arrow goes through every aspect of discrimination that happened in the U.S.
One of the many aspects that the article explored is the job discrimination. Arrow states that there aren't that many high paying jobs where minorities have. Most of the corporate jobs are dominated by white males. Arrow says that this is because most employers are explicit on keeping the color bar. Not only corporate jobs discriminated against minority's also the U.S. military did to. The military didn't serve African Americans in the cafeterias prior WW II.
The other major thing the article explored is the housing market. "Residential discrimination was of course also overt, enforced primarily through voluntary choice by sellers, but also by covenants attached to the land." (Arrow 92) This states that prices of houses on a certain part of the U.S. Were expensive for African Americans. The unfair mortgage prices lead to segregation in huge scale.
This article gives another view into segregation and Discrimination in America. Discrimination can still be seen in today's society. I think that this kind of discrimination sets back the African American and other minorities in the future job market. This is still an issue and I think this kind of problem needs to be fixed. As the article and Samuel Johnson put it racial discrimination is "too evident for detection and too gross for aggravation."


I agree with the main idea of this article. I think that people is being discriminated in many different ways even if it doesn't really look like it, but the truth is that our race influence our everyday life. To think about our society as a good one is hard because of the fact that categories have been set for people. For people who plan on buying a house we could clearly see that certain places are more expensive that others because most of the times the value of the land is devaluated based on the neighborhood and the ethnicity of those who live around. I think that this article is really clear and tell us the truth about our society.

I agree with this because people are being discriminated for many different things. Their looks, race, economic status, etc. It is a really important issue that is not being looked into enough, but then again discrimination is something that we can not stop. There will always be people who are discriminating and we can not change their minds. It is the mindset they grew up with. Awesome job! :D

I see that a lot where there are many communities that have only one major minority living there. That dosen't seem really diverse, and must have a lot of impacts that we dont see...

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