'Silent Cinderellas' are trapped in domestic slavery; Child Labour; Briefing; International



Young Girls, as young as the age of five, are being sold into slavery. Not only are they vulnerable to cheap labor and intense beatings but also to sexual assault. In the capital of Indonesia alone, "there are 700,000 domestic workers under the age of 18." Some are tortured to death, such as being forced to drink drain cleaner and burning their stomach. Len Len Pedrero crawled, while still carrying out her domestic chores, for a week because her beatings were so brutal. She was heartlessly beaten to the point of suicidal, she says "'My whole body was in pain. I couldn't walk any more. I would rather have died than suffer there like an animal. I wanted to kill myself.'" It is good to hear that Len Len has ran away from that family, but she is still stuck as a domestic slave to another family. An organization called Child Domestic Labour reports that the high numbers of domestic slaves are most likely due to the lack of education.

This article reminds me of the suffering from the book 'Family' by J. California Cooper; especially the narrator, Clora. What reminded me most about her was that so many of these slaves are abused to the point that they think death is the only escape from the suffering. I now understand Clora a bit more, she was uneducated, she could not read, she did not know where else to turn to, she was hopeless. Even though this article was written in 1991, there is no excuse for torturing another human being for no wrong doings. Slavery has been in our history for as long as we can all remember, why haven't we learned from our mistakes? The reason I chose this article was mainly because of it's catchy title but without that title I would not have gotten to see the horrors of a domestic slave.

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This is a very interesting article. I really like the connection that you make about how domestic slavery and the slavery in "Family". The connection you make between Clora and Len Len Pedrero are great! I can see how they are related and why you like the article.

I agree with what you say in this article. No human being in this world deserves to suffer from such a thing, there is no excuse for those who use kids as slaves and do not pay for it. I really like this article because we could see that not a long ago this kind of social problems shaped our society, it doesn't matter how much we think we have advanced, there is no excuse in forgetting about these children. Good job with this article, I enjoyed it.

It is sad to know that even now people are treated like animals, what's even worse is that they are children. At times like this the world is sad place to be in.

By looking at the picture this article caught my attention. This is very sad to know humans where treated like this. But overall this was a great article. You made it sound really clear.

Its almost as if our society as a whole world has made no progress than where it stood 200 years ago...

This article has very good imagery to connect to what is happening in the world. it is very sad that people today know about this kind of problems and don't do any thing about them.

You're picture caught my y=eye. Reading your article, I started thinking of how humans treat each other and how we can never justify things such as using kids for slavery.

This article makes me very sad. It creates a strong image in my mind and it hurts me to see that this is happening to girls around the world. It saddens me that no one even cares what happens to these girls. They are being treated so horribly. The world has not learned their lesson about the different things that has happened in the past yet, even though we are supposed to learn about the past to not make the same mistakes. I guess it isn't happening anytime soon.

That's so sad. no child should have to be slaves at the age of 5. it's like slavery all over again like ho it just to be here in America.

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