Worse than Pigs or Dogs


This article is about the treatment of homosexuals in Africa and how the leaders of numerous countries there even campaign and codon homosexuality. More specifically Uganda, Cameroon, Congo(DRC), Malawi and Nigeria. "Homosexuals are "worse than pigs and dogs" asserted one former African President" (Paul Semugoma, Steave Nemande, Stefan D Baral). Treating the very small population of Africa as though they caused all disasters and destruction of all. Even though they know that the many homosexuals in Africa had already been there even before colonial times. Bill were passed against same gender sexuality, even the death penalty is granted. Also mentioning that because most of the bias against homosexuality, clinics and health facilities even blame them for the spread of HIV/AIDS virus. "People working in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in Africa should not be blind to the forces of homophobia and prejudice against homosexuals." (Paul Semugoma, Steave Nemande, Stefan D Baral). The discrimination at most times comes to the point that if the transmission of the HIV virus was by that of the same gender, clinical staff openly harass and even became reluctant when providing their services.
This is an opinionated article and is meant to affront the leaders of Africa countries intelligently. There are many supporters for gay rights all over the world but in Africa their is a necessary need for re-educating the homophobic population and reminding them that they too (homosexuals) are human being too.

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Wow, now this is really a shame that humans beings can be judged lower than animals just because of their sexual orientation. ( or is sexual preference?) Anyhow, I never knew about this! A very insightful article indeed! Thanks for sharing!

This is unbelievable. I mean, if they are homosexuals, they shouldn't be treated in a mean way because they are still human beings. Well, it is very interesting and sad to know that this is happening in these countries.

I feel bad for those who won't be able to express themselves. If these people, who are making the law, are old then I can get where they are coming from but other than that, it is just wrong. HIV and AIDS aren't only spread through out homosexuals. I would never know what kind of situation that are in but people should not be blame for the spread of a disease just because of their sexuality.
-May Pa Yang

They're humans too. atleast be tolerant and act humans towards them.

It is horrible that they cannot express themselves. I know that some people hate homosexuals, but there are more important things that people should be focusing on. They are not causing harm to the world and I want people to see that. HIV and AIDS is something anyone can contract. It isn't homosexuals' fault that there is HIV and AIDS. I just hope that in the future there is less discrimination against them, which is unlikely.

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