Ch. 12 - Stress, Coping, and Health

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Obviously the title gives away what much of this chapter is about. Stress is a great topic to dig into because most people can relate to it, especially students, myself included. The chapter covers the whole gambit of the stress factory. It covers what stress is, including causes as well as a handy guide/rating, which I have seen used numerous times to rate and monitor stress. It is a handy sheet to use when dealing with huge or numerous conflicts. It helps keep things in perspective. I think as a society we tend to push ourselves to ignore or move through things instead of accepting and allowing time to heal or even process. This chart helps solidify a kind of validation.
However, obviously different people handle stress in a variety of different ways and some things that are stressful to some are not to others. That chart does not help as much with that, but does give you a general idea, while the chapter goes on to explain all the levels of diversity and deviation in stress responses.
The chapter also covers all the ways that our bodies take on stress. Again, as a rather emotionally suppressed society, it can all too often be ignored that what we are suppressing is actually harmful and that even though it might not feel like it, actually feeling our emotions can be a lit healthier than ignoring them or letting them build up.
This was encouraging to see because many people believe that the high levels of stress seen today is actually becoming a chronic condition, similar to diabetes, the brain can basically o.d. on stress and can no longer process it correctly. This can result in a number of health problems, both mental and physical.
The chapter wraps up with solutions to coping and promoting a more stress free life style, which did not include funny things like this:


but did have some basic (and nonbasic) things that we intuitively know but don't often do...or do literally, like this:


don't we all wish it was as easy as installing a vent in your brain?


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Thanks for the great summary! I was interested in reading your post because, with midterms coming up soon, I was hoping to find a quick summary of the psychology behind all the stress I (and most students at the U) might be feeling at about this time. I agree with a lot of the points made, especially the idea of letting emotions and stress out as opposed to keeping them bottled in. I think most of us can agree that it's important to find healthy ways to relieve stress, and, while I'd never heard of the handy chart you wrote about, I think it's a neat idea. It's definitely true that things can get so overwhelming sometimes when we forget to put things in perspective. One thing I learned that I didn't know before but found pretty interesting is the notion of stress becoming a chronic condition-- a disease, if you will. Are people born with this condition? How does it work? I'm curious to find out.

I agree this summary was great! It is so crazy what stress can do to us, and its so easy (at least for me) to get stressed out over the littlest things that i cannot always control. With me when one thing stresses me out i fall into making everything else around me, or with what im dealing with, stress me out as well. I believe that what you said " how stress can too often be ignored and letting it build up can and is harmful to us and that we are better off just letting it go. I never knew that stress can cause the brain to o.d. that was quite interesting. Though I can see it now when you mentioned it causes us as humans health problems mentally and physically. Stress in me brings on massive headaches, my oil levels in my skin to over develope cuasing breakouts, and stress makes me not want to eat sometimes. its good to know that there is a chart to help with this rating of stress and to manage it.

I stumbled across this article while surfing the Internet trying to find information about stress that I can share on my blog called boils resolved. I agree with what you say about us living in an emotionally suppressive society and how suppressing emotions is harmful to our health. I think that one of the biggest problems with stress is that most people don't even know where the stress is coming from and how to identify it. Our lifestyles are so backwards compared to how we evolved and lived up until only the past couple of centuries that we are bombarded with stress coming from things as simple as standing on pavement. I think we evolved barefoot, primarily walking around on grass and dirt, now that we walk around on pavement with shoes on we are exposed to the stress of having our body function in a way that is unfamilair to it. Call me crazy, but I think the majority of the problems we face with our health can be related to living in cities and in environments that are simply unnatural. Anyway, thanks for creating the post and helping me get some insights about stress.

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