Chapter 14 Personality

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Chapter fourteen touches on the different types of personality's people have and how they are come to have them. There were case studies done on about 130 identical and fraternal twins showing signs of specific gene related personality traits that a set of twins shared even though separated from birth, such as similar views on divorce, religion and also the inclination to watch TV. There were other differences found due to environmental influences, but the genetic similarities were more prominent.

Other parts of the chapter talk about the different developmental stages people go though starting at birth, which is called the Oral Stage (Freud's Stages of Psychosexual Development). These stages "end" around age twelve at the, Genital Stage, when the genetics and environmental factors begin to show who a person has become. It is explained later in the chapter that different personality traits such as extraversion, neuroticism or "openness" seem to define a person (but can also be strengthened or toned down, depending on the personality) until around the age of thirty. The chapter battles back and forth regarding the different views and theories of the Freudians and Skinnerians on unconsciously processing things and the behaviors one has which then creates a personality.

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I like that the text book has conflict between the various 'schools' of psychology and their inconsistencies and supporting evidence. It reinforces the concept of how scientific theory and process is conducted, as well as the nature in which science is conducted with debate and presentation of testable evidence. Unfortunately, psychology is very subjective in this sense as the testing requires careful procedure and measuring, which has lead to the branching of the various psychology theories.

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