Chapter 7, Memory

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This chapter is specifically about memory and how are brain works. It gives reasons for the different types of memories, why we don't remember some of our memories, and things people use to trigger memories or remember them. What fascinated me the most would have to be when they started to talk about short term memory versus long term memory. For me it seems to be difficult to see this happen. For me I suppose that maybe some of the information that we learn in school can be considered as short term things and long term things. To me, the things that are most interesting are what I tend to remember the most. So take history class, for me, this is not one of my favorite subjects, so I tend to remember more information gathered from my math classes because that is my favorite class. Another interesting thing that I came by was what we use to remember certain things, or memory triggers. For me this happens to happen a lot when I listen to music. I am always listening to music and at different points in my life I listen to different styles of music, so when I hear these songs later in life, they remind me of that time of my life and some of the things that happened.

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