Psychological VS Biological, Summery for Chapter 16

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From the title of Chapter 16, it's easy to figure out its content is mainly about the treatment "helping people change" from two perspective, psychological and biological. I would see Chapter 16 as a respond to the content in its last Chapter, which is about psychological disorders.

This Chapter focuses on psychological treatments by discussing about four topics, including psychotherapy's object, psychotherapies on two focuses, insight therapies and behavioural approaches, and effectiveness of psychotherapy. Followed by "effective and ineffective psychotherapy" topic, it also implies that biomedical treatments would be an alternative if psychotherapy tends to be ineffective.

One of the most attractive parts in this Chapter for me is the introduction of those psychotherapies. Insight therapies and behavioural approaches are two types of methods from two points of view. In my opinion, there is one thing we should remember. What a therapist needs to do is to choose a method which could effectively help his client release from the sufferings, psychologically or biologically.

Jan.22 2012 by Yao

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