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"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives," as Newsweek quoted. Are dreams real? or are they unreal? A common question. According to ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, all believed that the dreams that we have are divinely inspired. Dreams should not be looked past, and should not be looked at as meaningless, because they are indeed manifestations of our unconscious fear and hopes, fundamental insticts and drives, and also possibly our real personalities.

Sleep is very essential and crucial in our every day living. Its well needed for our health and well-being that we are even believed to spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping. While we fall asleep we allow our bodies to relax and let our minds come into action and bring about our nightly dreams that range from here to there. There is so much that can influence our dreams, it can be the people that we see that day, the last movie that we saw, the last thought that you had in your mind, your stresses, happinesses etc, that help conform our unconscious state of dreaming.

Do you ever wake up wondering where that dream came from and why you had it? Do you ever try to unravel the true meaning as it pertains to your life and what is going around in it? I always do that with my dreams, thinking about everything around me that would have influenced my dreams.

There are so many different types of dreams from false awakening dreams to inspirational dreams, from nightmares to past life dreams, and out of body experiences to wish fullfillment dreams. There are many more types, but the one that interests me most about dreams is the re-occuring dreams.

It is often said that recurring dreams are about ongoing wakening situations. sometimes suffering from an actual phobia. Though in my case i beg to differ. I have this one vivid dream of my teeth falling out. Its a dream that Ive had numerous times. Ive come to conclusion that no, my teeth arent really going to fall out because maybe I didnt brush them enough, but that my teeth falling out stands for "new beginnings." Think of it, as children we lose our baby teeth, to let the mature ones come in...a new beginning, growing into a different stage in life. I see a "new beginning as a job opportunity, a new life, having children ect. I see it as something new and better to come. It is also sometimes said that recurring dreams is to help one come forward with their fears and consider them rationally, and soon they will be less intense and eventually go away.

Dreams are fun, interesting, and sometimes scary. Dreams are one area that I am very interested in learning about this semester in Psychology, its a secret life, that still is trying to be unraveled. What do your dreams tell you? What questions do you want answered about your dreams?


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Your blog was really good, I am very interested in dreams and this blog caught my eye. I read in a dream book once, if you dream you are pregnant it also means new beginnings so that is interesting about the teeth. It really interests me how weird our minds our because some dreams are just down right freaky. Especially the nightmares, but those usually happen after people have watched scary movies, which makes sense. Good Job Though!!

I really enjoyed this blog! Dreams are fascinating, and I'm very interested in studying them and how they may be scientifically tested. There are so many possible interpretations for dreams. I wonder if they are fantastical regurgitations of previous thoughts and experiences, or, like this blog suggests, metaphors for something else.

I'm so pleased that you decided to do your blog on dreams. I find them extremely mystifying while incredibly intriguing. It's funny that you mention your reoccurring dream because I too have had a continual reoccurring dream of my teeth falling out. I liked your insight, saying it meant a new beginning. When I next wake up from one of my "teeth dreams" I'll think about that. I think it'll be interesting to learn more about them, what they mean, why we have them, etc. Thanks for the insightful blogpost!

Dreams fascinate me. Like you I am interested in learning more about them during this semester in psychology. It amazes me how vivid dreams can be. Like you I also have a reoccurring dream. I however do not have an interpretation for why it occurs. Sometimes it makes me sad, other times it makes me happy. It seems so weird to me that our mind can have develop crazy stories and adventures while our body is at rest. I love falling asleep at night so I can go on my next adventure! It would be interesting to learn about what dreams mean and what factors my influence what occurs in your dreams. I would also be interested in learning about why nightmares occur. It also amazes me that after so many years of understanding the brain and how it works there is not a direct answer about dreams. I can't simply ask someone what my dream meant, I can however get an opinion on what it could have meant. Its not a black and white answer. I guess that's the magic behind dreams. Even when you want an answer its not available. Its up to your imagination to come up with interpretations.

Wow! A third of our time sleeping? That is amazing but then again, I love to sleep and I wouldn't doubt that those extra minutes in bed every morning add up. I love reading about dreams too and trying to uncover what the hidden meaning behind our subconscious is, of course there's plenty to think about that I'm conscious and aware of that can take up that 2/3 of my time alive and awake.

Dreams are also very fascinating to me as well. I love having dreams and wondering what they are truly about. For instance, when I dream about a friend I have not seen in a few years it makes me feel like I should call them. I feel like my brains telling me I need to see or talk to this person when consciously I did not think about it. I hope to find out more about dreams in this class because I feel like I really never really understand them.

This post is very interesting! I've had a reoccurring since I moved to the US and I've wanted to find out what it meant for a long time. I think this will be one of the most interesting topics in Psychology this semester. I want to learn what causes us to have dreams. Is it something from our past that we couldn't let go of? Is it something that happened through our day? I hope to answer some of the questions I have about dreams this semester.

Great post! I really like your point about how recurring dreams could result from something that is persistent in waking life. I too have had similar dream about my teeth falling out, as have many of my friends. I often wonder why some dreams are so much more common place that others across individuals such as: falling, teeth falling out, dying, or having a loved one dying. Do we see these consistencies because we're also experiencing these things daily and are finding a way to make sense while we sleep?
One possible solution is that sleep is where we consolidate memories and what we learn. For example studies show that those who get more sleep remember more and perform tasks better because while we sleep, this information has time to "sink in". Perhaps these dreams are just a way in which our waking reality "sinks in" and we are making sense of everything.

Loooooved your blog! I have those dreams too!! Where my teeth are falling out or something. Over the years, it's made me very paranoid that I'm not taking care of my teeth well or something but recently, I've figured out that that's not the case! Whew.

The meaning of the losing your teeth dreams. I don't know how credible this can be BUT.... according to this dream interpreter lady that was on 101.3 KDWB one morning on the Dave Ryan show, says that when you have those dreams where your teeth are falling out and you try to keep it in. It means that you've said something recently where unconsciously, you wished you would've kept your mouth shut and NOT say it to begin with. She goes on to say that it's a very common dream among DJ's (because Dave Ryan had this dream). There's another variation of that teeth dream (I don't actually remember what though) that means the opposite -- you wished you would've said something but didn't. Considering I heard this on the Dave Ryan Show, I'm not sure how reliable this "dream interpreter" is but regardless, it was interesting to hear her interpretation of people's dreams. :)

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