A Timeless War

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When I think about what I have learned this whole semester in psychology many things come to mind. Over time I'm most likely going to forget about classical conditioning, the representative heuristic, and probably Freud's stages of development but one thing that I will never forget is the great nature versus nurture debate. Nature vs nurture is one of the most debated and challenged topics in all of psychology. It encapsulates the conflicting ideologies that we are the way we are because of our ingrained genes or the environment we have grown up in. The best psychologists throughout history have clashed over whether we are born a certain way or we are shaped by everything else. As a self proclaimed optimist I tend to be on the side of nurture. I like to believe that we can actively shape who we are and can determine my own future instead of having it already laid out. This topic will stay with me for a long time because it is yet to be solved. We do not know the true answer and the most intelligent people are still trying to find out. The debate also sticks with me because it is always prevalent. We are constantly questioning behaviors and find ourselves asking how someone got the way they did. The nature vs nurture debate affects our lives daily, and will continue to be a heated, well discussed topic for as long as humans exist.


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I am also a strong believer that nurture shapes behavior immensely. I feel like people develop behaviors or habits of personality by observing other or from aspects of their environment. Both sides of this debate do have significant evidence to support their claims so I am still torn. Great post!

Yeah no matter what chapter in psych we were studying I felt it could always be brought back to this debate. I believe that both play a major role in development but I feel nurture shapes development more than nature. I think that behaviors and habits are learned through experiences.

Yes. It is a topic that can related to many different psychology topics. Our behaviors are in question in a lot of the time and you may wonder why you think a certain way, act the way you did in a certain situation. Well you can be sure that you will be thinking about those answers as either the way you were raised or just plain in your blood.

I really do believe that nurture has quite a bit to do with someones behavior. Our parents and friends growing up form much of what we do and what we believe. Most people tend to identify with the same political party there parents do. Nature and nurture both play into a persons personality and behaviors and that will always be important to remember.

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