Developmental Psychology and Everyday life.

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Throughout the course we covered many different topics that varied in my personal interest.Though at first I wasn't thrilled to learn about topics like the anatomy of the brain and their psychological functions among other things, I began to warm up to things that I could think about and use in everyday life. This is a factor that gauges my interest because it really determines how invested you are in the subject and the educational value, not only regarding grades but also its potential to improve your perspective on life. One particular topic we discussed that I found interesting and useful was the area of developmental psychology. Learning about the different stages of development even from infancy caused me to think about my habits and psychological traits as a child. For instance, how I learned to walk before i learned to crawl and the psychological norms that go along with being the first born child. I found myself thinking about the roles of my family member's influence on my development and my parents style of parenting. What I really found interesting, and also wish we would have talked about more in class, was the influence of peers and parents during childhood and adolescence. I diagnosed my influences throughout the years and came to conclusions about what made me who I am today, for better or for worse. Now that I am aware of this type of knowledge I can use it to make decisions that will affect how I change and grow psychologically in the future. For instance, learning how to make an effective transition into adulthood, how to be the type of parent I would want, and even eventually dealing with a midlife crisis and retirement. A great thing about all of this is that psychology is such a new science compared to others, like math, physics or biology, that there will always be new findings and theories emerging. Within the subject of psychology is discovering the ability to run your life the way you want to in order to achieve optimal traits and situations. This video is just and example of using psychological concepts and applying them to life improvement.


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Before I read your blog I never thought about developmental in more of a concept for adults. I always just thought about children when I heard developmental psychology, but you are right. We can use it everyday now and in the future for everyday life. Also I like the fact that psychology can keep having new discoveries too!

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I also wanted to learn something I can apply to everyday life. But I think it is important to know how those personalities, feelings, fear, and other psychological functions were built inside of our bodies. I also liked development section because we were influenced by others a lot and build own knowledge.

This is another topic I really enjoyed in this class. I think it is interesting because we all go through these different stages at different points in out lives. Whether it be walking before crawling, it is something that we all can relate to.

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