Food In Perspective

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As an American I reflect on our nations unique obsession with food. Although the general population is not struggling to feed ourselves and families, there is a strange obsession with food. We extensively research where are food comes from, what these foods do to our body, what will sell and what will not, and many more aspects of food. Eating disorders are widespread across America plaguing the lives of teens growing up constantly bombarded with food advertisement. Countless documentaries are made about food politics and controversies. While it is always a strong part of culture in general and enjoyment in life, the danger is in over emphasizing food. While I in no way condone the diets that force participants to practically starve themselves, I think there is value in putting food in perspective. I propose a challenge to my peers and fellow Americans to fast for one 48 hour period... not repeatedly or for weight-loss, but to put food in it's place. I have found this to be a freeing experience because it forces you to see food as a necessity, and nothing more. If you allow it, i believe that this can free you from the silly notions that you must constantly be worried about what and how much you are eating. Food is meant to be enjoyed, but it is fist and for most to support your bodies vital functions and should not consume you life.

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I think that that is an interesting way to propose putting it into perspective. On one hand it sounds really weird but it could actually really make a difference to someone who has a problem with either eating too much or too little food. I wonder so many people consume so much food that they do not need at all. I am lucky to have a high enough metabolism to where I can enjoy food whenever I want but many people need to be able to restrict themselves so that food does not dominate their life. This is an interesting way of combatting that.

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