Heuristics and Judging

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Living in Minneapolis I have had the pleasure of experiencing many different cultures and religions. It has been such a joy to be exposed to others so different in thinking, customs, and dress. However, in a country where everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs, i find it a bit stressful at times (a bit like walking on egg shells) to keep my foot out of my mouth. What i mean is that sometimes having your own opinion and expressing it is seen as judging. Judging is always looked down upon. In this class I found the discussion around heuristics of the human mind to be very interesting. Through studying the ways that humans think and learn i've found that our brain is actually (to a point) programed to judge a book by it's cover and make assumptions of people based on their outward appearance. While there are still times when this kind of judgements are unacceptable, heuristics provide somewhat of an explanation. This is what I will remember 50 years from now.


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Hey, I have felt very much the same way especially when during my teen years, when I began to really notice that some people were really different from me. Like you said, and as some lecturers had said "we are cognitive misers" and we try to break everything down to brass tacks. But I think, like you said, we live in a country (and in a world) that is becoming more focused on beliefs and differences in opinions and that kind of a society requires more thought than simply basing our relationships on what we see or have seen. Good, honest post

This is a really interesting post and I feel the same way. I think it is kind of cool how psychology gives us a way to explain why we make such judgements and how to some point we can't be looked down upon for it because it is a natural process. Good post.

Expressing your own opinion can actually be a problem for a lot of people in the US. Many feel distanced from people who have different opinions, or may feel as though they are having your opinion imposed upon them. Freedom does come with the understanding that you do not infringe on other people's freedoms, but when it impairs your ability to make new connections or friends with a difference of opinion, it might be a little dysfunctional.

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