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In The Happiness Hypothesis, the book explores the many levels of human actions and emotions. In the fourth chapter, labeled "The Faults of Others," the author spends time on how as humans we generally are hypocritical, and self-loving in nature. He gives a few examples of famous men being brought down by hypocrisy. For example, Congressman Ed Schrock, a man who spoke freely to the world about his opposition to gay rights, was caught leaving a recording on a sexline describing what he wanted to do with a gay man.

Most of us laugh at others getting caught being hypocritical. But the thing is, most of us have eaten our words. I know as younger preteen, I was against a variety of things; sex before marriage, drugs, and alcohol. But as I grew up, I found that it was much easier to go against these previous standards when given the opportunity to break them. I think it is easier to say you are against certain values in prospect. I also think hypocrisy happens when we want to impress people with our "moral" standards. Ed Schrock made his appearance to be homophobic to obtain followers and to please people. I know I have said things to friends to have a better appearance.

Do you know anyone who has been hypocritical, and did it upset you why they were? Why is it so easy to get upset at people who do things that go against their previous word? Is it a form of lying? Have you ever done things that went against your previous word?
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I would have to agree 100% with your post that we act a certain way when we need to impress others with our so called morals. I am a very big hypocrite and I am not proud of it either. I almost find it unavoidable at times even when I consciously think about the options that are laid out in front of me. It is hard to live up to the things that we do after we've already announced to the whole world where we stand. It sucks.... I feel as though we have the option of being arrogant or hypocritical. Not sure which option would look better on a name tag.

Your post has lots of truth to it. Often times we are constantly judging and exposing the faults of others and rarely take the time to look and evaluate ourselves. I also agree with the point you made about how we often say certain things just to impress others and be socially accepted.

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