Is what you see, what you get?

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One topic that I will remember in five years from now is classical conditioning. I thought it was interesting that we are trained with different stimuli to get different responses. I have been noticing more than ever about advertising and how a neutral stimulus can become a conditioned stimulus and give a conditioned response. I think it is really interesting and definitely helps products sell. Also now I know why so many products have athlete or celebrity endorsements because it helps the products sell. If you look up to an athlete or have a favorite celebrity and see them using a product, you are more likely to get that product because you think that you are more like them.
I think I will remember this years from now because every time I see a commercial I can probably pick out the different stimuli and responses and how that makes the company try to make people buy their product. I also might go into marketing and I can help use classical conditioning to help sell a product I might sell. I think I will remember this topic every time I see an advertisement, which will occur often.
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I find it interesting that we learn concepts such as conditioning that is easily observed in our everyday life. I'm definitely guilty of applying a lot of what I learned to random commercials I see now on TV and get to pick out their marketing strategy. This specific topic is very prevalent in our lives, especially as seen through the media, and I think it's important to recognize the hidden tricks they're trying to use on us.

I have fallen victim to classical conditioning, in the realms of advertising and marketing. I have bought perfume because it was one of my favorite celebrity's perfume. That's just one example. I'm sure I've had tons of instances like this in my lifetime. I never knew the in-depth side of it, or that it had a name before we learned it in Psychology. Good thing I learned this seeing as I'm looking into majoring in marketing!

I think the picture you post is interesting. It really caught my eyes. The concept I will remember for another 5 years is classical conditioning too. It is really impressive to learn this part combined with operant conditioning. This part makes me feel how aweful human can be. We will be afftected by some stimulate and we can't deny it.

I totally agree that every time I see an advertisement, I try to pick out what they're using to sell their product. I always find it interesting and also find that advertisements are less effective on me because I know their "tricks" (so let's hope that everyone hasn't taken a psych class). I like learning about it as well though, because I also am planning on working in retail so it is important to know what makes merchandise sell.

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