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This semester psychology has been an interesting class. The only reason I took it was because it was required for me to take it, but I am glad I did. I learned so much about how people's minds work and my questions from the beginning of the semester were answered. The things that most stood out to be from this semester is about how certain things can affect people's brains. For instance the uses of drugs alters people's brains which changes the way they feel and act. Alcohol is a depressant and slows down people's reaction time and inhibits their ability to think and behave rationally. Some other drugs such as LSD are stimulants and can cause people to hallucinate. These are two widely known examples, but another think that affects how people think and behave is their environment. I find this interesting because a person can be shaped by their environment, as well as their genes. Another thing we touched on is sometimes when a part of a person's brain gets injured they can sometimes not operate as well. For example I thought the person who had a pole go through their brain and losing their personality is interesting, though it may be pretty scary at the same time. Overall I have enjoyed my semester of psychology and it was a great class to be in.


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I completely agree that psychology 1001 has been quite an interesting class. I really like where you point out that a person's behavior and beliefs can be affected by both their genetics and the environment. What I found interesting throughout the book was that there was never a perfect correlation between genetics and disease or genetics and a disorder because environment factors always play a slight (sometimes a huge) role on people's behaviors.

Psych has been a very interesting class that I learned a lot from. It is amazing how much drugs are able to inhibit our ability to function. I like your point on how the environment affects the way people behave. I thought that genes played the biggest role but I was amazed to find out that the environment played a crucial role.

This course was super informative on a lot of things and every topic you mentioned I learned something new about because of this course. Great job hitting some of the topics that stood out most to you!

I enjoyed the content of this class and some of the same topics you did. I knew the different effects that the drugs had on the body from previous courses, but I didn't know the biological responses these drugs produced in the body. I enjoyed the part of environmental factors because I could reflect on my own environment and how I am today.

I agree how learning about environment was interesting in how it shapes us. It for sure has an effect on us personally if you have ever moved before. Be it to a new school, or a new state. Having to start over with new people and to find the "norm" and fit in can be challenging, especially if your not use to their environment. or at that trying to find people that fit your own personality. I look back at my life and the different environments I was grown up around, and each one had a different effect on me. Also learning about the effects of drugs and how they go against our body was interesting. Definetily was something worth while knowing, since I had a death in my family due to drugs.

The environment is definitely a key sculptor in how we act as individuals. The pressure of conformity and society ensures that there is at least a basic level of cohesion among our culture. Similar to combating complete conformity, we must make sure that the environment does not completely take over who we are as individuals.

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