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Although I have learned a lot from psychology 1001 I think the thing I will remember the most is the six principles of critical thinking. These principles have been pounded over and over in our heads throughout the entire book. Although it seemed rather annoying I think it really had a lasting impact. The principles have helped me examine the media. I am now more aware when reading newspaper articles, and listening to the evening news. Titles like "Eating blueberries can help you loose ten pounds in two weeks", or "Watching late night TV increases sexual activity among teenagers" can be seen in almost every paper. Because of the six principles I am now more critical towards the articles. Correlation vs. causation is the big one that has stuck with me. Can I be sure that A causes B? I think these principles will stay with me for the next five years and even longer because they help me evaluate information I am given and ultimately help me determine my decision about whether the article or news cast is correct or reliable information. I think it is also important for everyone to be aware of these principles so as a community everyone can be well informed and have a critical eye.


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I agree. Those six principles were included in every chapter. I think now when I discuss psychology I will always remember if it passes those principles of critical thinking! It may get annoying, but at least I'll know I am being smart!

I also agree. I also think I know those six principles the better than anything else in the textbook because they were so commonly reviewed and showed up on almost every practice test and quiz I took. I have been more cautious of news articles and the media after I read that chapter as well!

I do agree that learning about these 6 principles was really helpful, and definitely helped me be a little more cautious with believing everything that i read or find in the media. I believe there's far too many people who just blindly believe everything they read without giving it a second thought.

I completely agree these principles of critical thinking are not only useful in Psych class or in science but in all aspects of life. I find myself daily or maybe weekly saying something nerdy like, "well that's not falsifiable". I believe these are useful skills and good knowledge to have when evaluating decisions.

I agree as well. I think out of the six the correlation vs causation is the one that I will think about the most. It could be A cause B or you could even have a C. I did not really think about this concept until I was in this class. I am glad I have learned the six principles of critical thinking.

This is a really good point, and especially with regards to not being able to falsify experiments and claims being so prevalent in the things we hear people say or read in news articles. It helps to understand what is good and bad scientific process and take things into context appropriately.

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