Millenials: The Most Stressed Generation

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Ashley Lutz, with Business Insider, reports that Millennials are the most stressed generation, surpassing that of generation x, the baby boomers and all that came before. In addition to the high unemployment rates experienced by the earlier generations, the millennials also have to worry about high student debt on top of other daily stressors. She also reports that millennials are more likely than earlier generations to stress over their dating and social lives.

What is the reason that millenials are more stressed than earlier generations? According to Ms. Lutz, this stress can be attributed to the immaturity of the youngest generation. She does not develop this idea further, but instead she reports that millennials have poorer stress relief techniques, and have less developed problem solving skills. I do not think this is that radical of a report because earlier generations have had much more time to learn these skills and techniques, meanwhile the millennials are still in the process of learning them.

Included with the article is a chart showing the percent of each generation that reported being more stressed than they were five year prior. Millennials were the highest with 52%, where boomers were the lowest with 39%. What other reasons could there be for this shockingly large stress gap between generations?


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Higher levels of stress, trouble dealing with that stress and less developed problem-solving skills could possibly be linked to technological advances? Millennials have grown up in a world where technology is everywhere, it connects you to your peers through email, Facebook, and Twitter, and most teenagers have cell phones so texting is the primary form of communication. This can cause a lot of stress because news (good and bad) travels faster than ever across many forms of technology. It puts more pressure on social interactions and status and can contribute to poor problem-solving skill development (as teens and young adults use social networking and texting to solve problems without addressing problems face-to-face).

Wow this article actually shocks me because I thought that technology would help to decrease our stress but I guess I was wrong. I do agree that coming out of college students have a tough situation to face with high unemployment and debt coming out of college but I am still shocked to know that we are the most stressed generation. Really interesting topic!

Yeah! I mean look at movies and t.v. shows now...NO coping skills! Not too shocking to hear, but very affirming. Thanks! Makes me feel better to hear I'm not alone and probably handling things pretty well considering. (also it's always fun to blame technology and younger generations) weeee!

I think that another contributing factor to this stress could be the sense of immediateness. For example, technology has sped up the process of so many things, including the spread of ideas. Because information is much easier and quicker to access than before, people are expected to get tasks done quicker. For example, a research paper may be expected to take only one week maximum, while in the past it probably took much longer. Media and employment problems also could be contributing to the stress of social lives as your blog mentioned. Because social networking is a huge part of people's personal lives, it's now becoming important in their professional lives; it's a way to make connections as well as a method for employers to check up on prospective employees. People are expected to keep cleaner, squeakier reputations as well as admirable social circles to be successful. This all creates for an extremely successful environment. Expectations of parents or baby boomers, who had to live up to their own parents' expectations and post war american dreams, may also be another contributing factor to this stress.

My guess as to why the stress levels are higher is because of the increased emphasis on education. The babyboomers had the opportunity to advance in the workplace without a college education and the "american dream" was much more accessible. Today's generation almost has to have a college degree to climb the career ladder.

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