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Personality is a very interesting topic; it's nice to see how different we are from each other and what makes us unique. But I always wondered how you would find out someone's personality when there are a plentiful amount of traits. This topic in class simplified basic personality traits for each individual.

I have always liked categorizing and comparing people's interests and mine. It's cool to see how different or similar I am to others. The self-assessment test we took during this topic very much showed my personality in depth. It was also very strange how accurate it was. I would think to myself of how I gained a certain score on one of the big five; the longer I thought about it, the more it would make sense to me.

O.C.E.A.N. has changed my way of thinking about personality; I now use the big five whenever trying to categorize someone's personality. Occasionally, I think about how much extroversion or agreeableness my friends and families have. I also do it to fictional characters for fun.

Now, instead of saying a person is outgoing, I'll say oh he's extroverted.


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nice post. It is cool when you can relate something from class to real life. Personality is a very interesting topic and there is so much to learn about it. OCEAN was a good way to clarify the different pieces to a personality, and it is cool to be able to see how much of a trait people in your life have.

Personality was definitely my favorite topic throughout this semester. I thought it was really cool how everyone could fit someone in these 5 personality traits. Even in discussion we got to apply these 5 traits to a famous celebrity or character which i found to be fun and interesting. I liked how we were able to take the personality quiz and then get grouped together with others with similar scores and observe our interaction.

I also thought that OCEAN was very interesting. Also like you I thought it was weird how accurate the personality test was. It was kind of crazy and when comparing with my friend we agreed with the differences in our score. I also like to categorize personalities and with an acronym like OCEAN it is easy to remember.

Personality is a very variable thing, primarily because it's so readily affected by the things our mind decides to remember and hold on to (which may be completely meaningless!). It is very interesting still though to see how easy it is to classify and profile people with psychology, especially when you start to see correlations between interests and behavior.

Nice way to relate the personality concept into real life. I agree that it is cool to compare and contrast your own personality with someone else's. I think that someones personality changes so much that its hard to categorize but O.C.E.A.N. is a good generalized concept that anyone can use to contrast personality traits.

I use O.C.E.A.N. to generalize everyone I know's personality as well. Even though I think that people aren't predictable enough to be classified into a category with a 100% accuracy however it is interesting to see how the big five can help us see our strengths and we can use those strengths to find real-world jobs that are more fit for us

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