Personality is Everything

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I think that chapter 14 had the most information in it that I feel I will truly use later in life. It's all about personality. I'm a retail merchandising major so I'm going to be dealing with people everyday in my profession. It's very important to understand and be able to read people's personalities. I think the Big Five traits are a crucial pieces of information in being able to read people. The Big Five are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticisim. The factors can be used to describe all people, even those with psychological disorders. Everyone has some of each of these in us. Depending on what level we have of each depends on what are personality is like. These Big Five can also help to predict real-world behavior. For example the book mentions that people with high Conscientiousness, low Neuroticism , and high Agreeableness are associated with successful job performances. The Big Five are also identifiable in other countries besides the US. Which is helpful to know when traveling because it will be easier to try to gauge what other people will be like. Overall the Big Five, which can be remember with the acronym OCEAN, is one of the most important and useful things I've learned in this course.

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It is true that many people could likely be matched up with a job they would enjoy or be qualified for through psychological profiling and IQ tests, but the issue comes with the minority of people who fit those profiles and do not have interest in the fields that would be open to them. This is just one of the moral issues standing in the way of firms using these kinds of tactics to hire employees.

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