Picking Up Chicks

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There are several things from this psychology course that I am almost certain to remember. The funny part about the memories is that they will all have one common theme: gaining and maintaining the attraction/ affection of women.

An example of one part I will remember is how emotions are formed: first someone is aroused, and then they assign that arousal to a certain emotion. This is especially useful for date ideas. I will make sure to take my date to somewhere arousing like a theme park! Another theme from psychology that is sure to help me, is the fact that people are more attracted to people with close proximity, or who they see often. This can be taken advantage of when trying to woo a girl, and I believe this is the reason that persistent boys tend to have the most girlriends!

Lastly, it is very interesting that the most attractive type of face is the most average one. I think it would be interesting for me to take advantage of this by having children (way, way in the future) with an exotic-looking girl with many ethnicities in her blood. That would allow me to have the most "average" looking children and thus the most attractive children!


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This blog is really funny! When I take a girl on my next date i will make sure its more than just a dinner. Its amazing how that the place you take your date can be so influential on the overall impact. Also i found it shocking how the most average face is the most attractive because I always thought that there had to be something extraordinary to make someone attractive.

and then the most popular and biologically fit grandbabies! Good planning and good use of psych concepts! It's kind of humbling to be reminded that that's what it's all about ain't it? Makin' babbbiiees.

I thought this blog was pretty humorous but also technically true. What I love about psychology is that it is a science, but it can be applied to basically anything. I think that's why I found the class so interesting, because even though we were learning about scientific terms and how the brain works and such it stills applies to all aspects of life. Like in this example: going on dates!

Your blog makes me laugh. I bet your being serious about most the information that you posted but some seemed humerous and jokester. I like how you said your going to bring your girl to an amusement park to excite her. haha. Anyway, the information that we learned in class about this stuff was fun to learn and great to keep for future possiblities in relationships.

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