Psychology in the Future

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Looking ahead, I think that there are two areas we have learned about that will be prevalent in my future. The first of these would be all that we have learned about memory. Throughout my life, I have felt like a have a pretty good memory, but I think many of the strategies and ideas that we learned about have explained to me how memory works and why it works better at some times more than others. Learning about "chunking" I fell will help me because I now know a way to commit things to memory more permanently. Also, I felt reinforced when we learned that studying earlier and more often is better than cramming everything in the night before.

The second concept I think will stick with me would be the parenting styles. As I read through that part of the chapter, I looked back at my own childhood and appreciated even more the way I was raised. While some may say that these styles are subjective and that you can't say one way is better than another, I think that these styles do lead to people who are either more or less equipped to enter and be helpful to society.


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I definitely agree with you on all your points here. I also have learned in college as well as psychology that chunking is the best way to study, rather than cramming right before a final. I will be trying to use this strategy going into finals. On another note, I also gained a lot more appreciation for my parents parenting style and will definitely try and use the same parenting style

I also agree. I found it astonishing in lecture when some kids were able to recall the entire line of numbers when i could only remember the first few. However, after we learned about chunking it became much more believable! And as for parenting styles, I used to think my parents were too strict, but after reading about other parenting styles and their effects, I have much more appreciation for the way they have raised me.

I couldn't agree more! The information on chunking has actually already proved useful in my studying habits; I've tried to categorize things into nice, compact, interrelated segments in order to be able to commit them to memory more easily. This has been especially helpful in my history class, which requires a lot of memorization of names, places, and dates.
Additionally, I feel the same way about parenting styles-- learning about other parenting styles makes me thankful that my parents raised me effectively.

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