Psychology...5 years from now

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Five years from now, if I look back at that psychology class I will be so happy that I passed :). I will remember some things though, for example classical conditioning. We got that pushed into our heads again and again, I feel if you ever went to a psychology lecture, that is one you will remember. The concept of classical conditioning isn't too hard to grasp, there is an unconditioned response, conditioned response, unconditioned stimulus, and conditioned stimulus. The unconditioned response should be the exact same as the conditioned response if you do it right. The unconditioned stimulus is something that gives you pleasure, fear, or any other emotion. A conditioned stimulus could be a sound that is put before the unconditioned stimulus to create the same response as without the conditioned stimulus. Anyways this process is used to show learning, It is a deep concept, but I feel this concept is everywhere in the world, so you can't really forget something you see everyday.
Another thing I will remember is the biological psychology section, I am planning on majoring in biology, so this is a section that interested me the most. Especially the nervous system and how we broke it up into so many categories. I remember doing this same thing in biology class in high school, so I already had some background knowledge on the issue.
The last thing I will remember is the "6 Scientific Thinking Principles," I swear we use at least one of these everyday in psychology class. The six principles are, ruling out rival hypothesis, correlation isn't causation, falsifiability, replicability, extraordinary claims, and occam's razor. I feel the most used one is replicability, at least I use that one the most. There are always studies that try to duplicate what has been found before.
I feel I did learn a lot from psychology 1001, and my knowledge definitely grew bigger because of this class!


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The principles is something that definitely may stick. We were hammered with these in every test/quiz. I actually disagree with your beginning though,I found classical conditioning a little confusing. I had issues mixing up different stimuli. The other terms, such as extinction, complicated it even further!

Well you can't be sure that you have passed yet! But I completely agree with the conditioning aspects of psychology. These techniques will be fun to use on my future pets to make them do all sorts of tricks!
I actually found biological psych to be somewhat boring because of all the memorization. But I'm very glad you learned a lot from psychology and loved the class with all of your heart. BEST CLASS EVER!

I learned a lot through this course. The classical conditioning was an interesting topic for me as well. People are very innocent to receive many stimulus and create their response. But if we learn about this, we can be aware of happenings everyday. Good luck on majoring biology! The biological psychology section was hard for me..

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