Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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"Why do you like cheese cake?"
Because it tastes good..?
"Yes...but why?"

These are the questions that lead us to riveting discussion of evolutionary psychology. As presented by Professor Simpson, the series of evolutionary psychology broke down the very basic functions of the human race and how and why they are present. The above question seems pretty basic, because come on, we all love cheese cake. To delve deeper, we are simply designed to crave foods high in calories, which our bodies need to survive. Though this innate biological trait might seem like a curse in today's world of Big Macs and Krispy Kremes, in the Africa Savanna, food was not something easy to come by. In addition, the portion mentioned why humans innately fear snakes, heights, and can identity "cheaters" is evidence to show that we are more adapted to nature, but the aforementioned items are fearful triggers that could produce potentially fatal outcomes, especially for our ancestors who encountered these items frequently.

Though we covered a mecca of topics in this psychology course, the item that will forever be imprinted in my long-term memory is series on Evolutionary Psychology. The topic can be touchy for some, and before I came to college I had never considered or even had interest in the topic. Professor Simpson did an excellent job of breaking down the commonalities and sure-found connections that have descended from our ancestors.


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I agree. I really found this section very interesting. Especially when they started to talk about the reasons we fear snakes and heights, and the calories thing. Some of these could be considered good now days but other bad. I wonder if any other things like this stayed the same that we haven't realized.

I also found this chapter vert interesting! Although this topic can be "touchy" for some, it's very reliable and reasonable theory that makes a lot of sense! I thought the food was particularly interesting! Well done!

I love the last guys pose in the picture..such a classy human. I wonder how long back these traits would really carry back, surely thousands of years is a long time, long enough to develop a fearful response to a snake (which would exist, however long ago the earth began).

Such an interesting topic, great post! I have always taken interest in evolution in general so evolutionary psychology was super interesting to me too. There are so many exciting different things to study to figure out why we are the way we are and how we started.

This is such a touchy subject for a lot of people, it is good that it is delivered in a very open manner. It's unfortunate, because many of the greatest debates of our age are related to evolutionary process and theory but discussing it in public can almost be taboo with regards to people's beliefs.

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