Sherlock Holmes - A Man of Extremes

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Sherlock Holmes: the greatest detective of all time. Using the Big Five traits to analyze his personality, it's easy to get a grip on what makes his character so riveting.
He would score very, very high for Openness to Experience. His curiosity, quick thinking, and use of logic are what make him such a talented detective.
On the other hand, he is also famous for his misanthropic behavior. He insults and demeans most people he meets, so naturally he would score extremely low in Agreeableness.
On the same note, he would also score very low in Extraversion. He hates dealing with people (besides when it's necessary to solve a case) and much prefers to be alone.
As far as Conscientiousness (the trait of planned behavior, impulse control, and tidiness) goes, our boy Sherlock gets pretty much a zero. One need not look further than 221 Baker Street to know this. In the words of John Watson, "...every corner of the room was stacked with bundles of manuscript which were on no account to be burned, and which could not be put away save by their owner."
Finally, Holmes would likely score very, very high in Neuroticism. His behavior shows signs of Bipolar Disorder, judging from his intense mood swings and deep bouts of depression.
In all, Sherlock Holmes would score very high on Openness and Neuroticism, and very low on the other three traits. This polarized distribution on the Big Five hints at why his character pervades the public consciousness so. He is a man of extremes, and that has fascinated audiences for centuries.


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This is an awesome idea for a blog. I think you did a great job describing Sherlock Holmes' personality and analyzing him with the Big Five traits. To me it seems that the popularity of the hit character is in large part due to the extremes we see in his personality. I never realized how much thought and effort the creators of television shows and movie makers put into devising characters and their personalities.

Great connection to Sherlock Holmes! I think that you are absolutely correct in your statements and just like The Simpsons or all of the other shows and books out there characters with extreme personalities always make for the best and most interesting individuals.

Nice evaluation of Mr. Holmes! I'm impressed. It takes concentration to really analyze someone's personality. I find myself doing it every once in a while now just for kicks. However, I think it's kind of strange that we sometimes judge people based on only 5 traits.

I enjoyed reading this blog! Very interesting! It was great how you gave specific examples for the five traits to help get a clearer view! He seems to have traits thats are either extreme or inexistent, which I find is unrealistic in real life but again, great job!

I love this so much! Sherlock Holmes is such a fascinating character! I think you did a really good job analyzing him using the Big Five. I think it would be interesting to see what how Watson's personality would have compared. I think by doing that you would see why they make such a good team.

Wow this blog is the best one I have read, it is very creative. You did an excellent job analyzing his personality traits and if you had more time i think it would be cool to do the same thing on other characters like Jackie Moon and Ron Burgundy

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