The Bachelor: Who will get the rose this time?

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The Bachelor is the most ridiculous show I have ever watched in my life. Having said that, I still watch it religiously .. let's just say it's my guilty pleasure. The show is basically about one hot shot guy who is looking to find a life partner from a group of girls who live in one house for about 6 to 7 weeks. The guy gets one-on-one time with the girls in the form of thrilling and action-filled dates. The producers of the show use different strategies to hype attraction amongst the bachelor and the female contenders. They send the bachelor and the women on dates where they jump off a helicopter into the ocean or skydive. Once the contestants jump off the helicopter or plane, they're adrenaline is pumping and their heart rate is high, the chances of getting attracted to each other increase. Also, the producers tend to choose physically attractive males (I don't really think they're THAT good looking), and even better looking females as the contestants of the show. This way, the physical attraction factor also kicks in. Since I've been watching that show, I've noticed that the bachelor usually picks the girl who is most similar to him. For instance, if she's outdoorsy like him or shares mutual beliefs with him. Moreover, he also picks a girl who tends to give them the most attention (reciprocity) so he feels mentally obligated to give her the rose. The physical attraction, thrilling dates, similarity and reciprocity all play a huge role in the match made on reality television.


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I think the basic key in the concep of this show is exactly the psychological factor. It is all about the perception of the opposite genders built towards each other and the way they discover their similar sides via the communication process. I can understand why do you still watch the show, it is really inetersing to observe all these processes and emotions.
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I love that show!! I also watch it religiously. It is kind of pathetic, but all in all it does have psychology intertwined into it. The proximity concept, is a given, he spends a lot of time with some girls, but do you ever wonder who really gets to choose the one on one dates? Also the reciprocity concept plays a role, because if the girl does not feel the same way about the bachelor she can not accept the rose or just go home. I do believe the bachelor chooses what girl is most similar to him, but sometimes he chooses the girl everybody hates, that does not make any sense to me?

That is such a good point about the thrill seeking dates. They always to outrageous things, so I could see how it would be hard not to form some type of bind with one another.

This is a very interesting post, I religiously watch this show as well. Everything you pointed out in this post is true, especially the part about the thrill seeking adventures which is like a type of conditioning. very interesting!

I never watch the show but I think I almost always hear couple months after it is over that they have split up. Has anyone ever stayed together after the show? Anyway, I find it really interesting that they use psychology to increase attraction because the show takes place in such a short period of time. I knew a lot of reality shows used psychology in ways similar to this but I never thought about that much. It really is interesting to think that people are basing their attraction to someone off of superficial things and pre-planned attractions enhancing dates. This show really is about the psychology of dating and i never though about it in that way!

I agree that the bachelor is one of the silliest shows ever made. It’s foolish to think that after knowing someone for only 2 or so months that you will find true love and the marriage will work out. The producers of the show do seem to know what they’re talking about with regards to psychology and attraction. Putting people in exciting situations will help them develop feelings for each other. Being around each other a lot as well as being physically attractive will help people become attracted to one another. I also think that people will become more attracted to each other because of the hype the show generates. The women on the show are not dating ANY guy but they are dating the bachelor on a television show. And the bachelor has his choice of an assortment of smart/beautiful women. I think the thought of romance is also influential in causing people to fall in love.

Wow its surprising to see how the directors of the show put them in situations to create an interest in one another. I have only watched the show a couple of times but now I understand why all the dates are very memorable. Also I agree that they pick the people who are most similar to them because every time I see who they pick in the end, they always look a like.

I watched the show once and ended up getting in a fight with my girlfriend, who loved it, because I thought it was awful. I wish I had thought about the psychological aspects before judging it so harshly! I can see how the psychology of attraction really plays into it all. It would be fun to analyze the contestants and try to calculate who the bachelor is most likely to pick using the scientific methods of this class.

I also agree that this show is ridiculous, yet so addicting! Your points about how psychology is involved are very true, of course anybody is going to have a great date when you're put on a ship in tahiti or get to fly in a helicopter over a wonderful view, and with all this emotion and adrenaline rushing there is no wonder that you would enjoy it with the one other person you are with! I also think that proximity is a key factor in this show, because if you think about any circumstance: if there are 25 attractive people of the opposite gender for you to choose from, than it is pretty easy to end up romantically liking someone. The realistic length of these relationships is just what blows this show so out of proportion.

It's cool how you applied it to a t.v. show! I usually don't watch t.v., especially reality shows. They seem fake and cheap to me, but this show actually does have substance if you think about it psychologically.

Do you ever get the feeling that The Bachelor is scripted? Sometimes there's just too much drama! But in all seriousness, there are a lot of psychological aspects to the show. I guess it could really help show which attraction mechanism (similarity, familiarity, proximity, etc.) could be the most predictive of a relationship if the Bachelor has 25 different women to choose from. If he does choose the most similar to him, then that provides a lot of evidence for the similarity concept!

I think their are a lot of factors that play into this show. The sheer proximity these people share for 8 weeks probably contributes to a lot of their affection for each other. Also, the reciprocity is common as well, as you mentioned. I don't typically watch these shows, but it's interesting to see how we can use our Psych1001 course to evaluate this show!

Although you said that the show is ridiculous, I want to see it! According to the main thing you talk about I feel it is interesting:) You analysis the show in a psychology way, and I think what you said is ture, eapecially the things about thrill seeking. The show is a good prove about thrill seeking.

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