What I will remember from this course in five years.

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The one striking example that I will remember from this book is that of the nuns in relation to memory deterioration. The study showed a strong correlation between an active, social lifestyle with increased memory capabilities at an increased age. While not opting to join a nunnery (or a friary in my case), I will remember to live an active lifestyle both physically and mentally in order to live a longer, more memory filled life.

If life experiences make us who we are, then dementia and Alzheimer's rob us of that identity; that fact scares me more than anything. Without a deeper knowledge of this disease, the causes and or treatments / cures; one can only work their hardest to imitate the lifestyles recommended by correlational findings.

Far from proving causation, the studies included remind the reader that the results of the findings may go in either direction; that perhaps the elderly that do not suffer from dementia had a higher brain capacity to begin with. This fact speaks to an inevitability that I choose not to subscribe to. If it is bound to happen eventually, what is the purpose of fighting your way through life?

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I find it a little ironic that the thing you will remember is the thing that could make you lose memory of this concept. Alzheimers is both very scary and very real. I believe that research is and will continue to be very important to finding ways to allow people keep their memories for their whole life. I personally had an elderly grandmother who suffered from heavy memory loss. It took a great toll on my family and made things very hard in late years. I think as we got older we gain wisdom from experiences and should be able to pass those along.

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