Now I'm not trying to be a Negative Nelly, but....

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What did I learn that I might carry on with me? Honestly it's hard to say...and not because I didn't learn anything, because I did! There were lots of little interesting comparisons, factoids, and tidbits of psych-pop history and color, like a VH-1 Pop Up Video for psych 101. But nothing was super personal or life changing....and not because I wasn't trying. Heck, I love that kind of stuff!!

I just didn't get that much from this class or the book. Mostly because the format for the class and book were so overly generalized and impersonal that I couldn't possibly produce anything other than just that...generalized fluff.

It was jumping through the hoops and I'm not feeling as young and spry as I once was (and I'm not even 30, oofta!). Far from jaded, I think it's perfectly reasonable for me to be a bit peeved that the education I'm paying for isn't really living up to my expectations.

Sure I could make something up about how super awesome it is too be self aware and able to think critically about confirmation bias or affective forecasting. I could probably easily b.s. my way through how important the whole developmental chapter was because I might someday want a family and now I have the tools to understand the stages of my future children. Shucks, I could kill it with a heart breaking story about pain and recovery, family addiction and mental health and end it with a picture of all of us smiling, and it would all be true too.

Really I'm not trying to undermine those stories or ideas, because they are all valid and equally important. Maybe I'm just taking what Gonzales discussed about the dangers and powers of ambiguity and deindividuation and using that to fuel my rant? Maybe I'm breaking the conformity model cause I'm just too damn bored not to (and maybe I'm experiencing a little enlightenment effect?).

I realize this is an entry-level class and book and that the point is to be broad and all-inclusive, but the whole tone of everything was so entirely alienating and sad. And damn do I feel sorry for those who might have had a language barrier in this class. I can only imagine what a whirly ride that's been.

All in all what concept in psychology will I remember five years from now and why? That apathy is contagious, the conditioning caused by the internet is one helluva drug and I'm so so so glad I'm done with generals and giant inattentive lecture halls.274447,xcitefun-facebook-class.jpg


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Wow really great blog! I love that you didn't just make up some blog that you didn't care about. I kind of feel the same way except its because I find most of psych really boring and it doesn't pertain to my major at all.

Thanks! What's your major? I'm sure that this sort of "engaging" reply and response was what the profs wanted when they first thought up this thing...when really we all just want to go through all the motions and get the hell out of here asap. However...I wonder...does correspondence count towards our comment tally?

I have never written as genuine of a comment on any of the other post, as I am now. I couldn't agree more with you that the entire book was a fluff and word salad of every single concept of psychology. The textbook quizzes and midterms didn't really quiz our understanding of the content, instead they quizzed our rote learning skills and how we could memorize which psychologist did what a 100 years ago. The only thing I'll miss about this class is our discussion sections because at least I got to TALK about something other than just take standardized multiple choice questions. Great post, love the honesty!!!

I really appreciated this blog! I definitely fall into the category of making a just to receive the points. Your blog was honest and got to a great point. General class are filled with numerous vague terms and light mention of so many categories. I really do enjoy psych and I can't wait to get into more in-depth classes on specified topics.

I was really intrigued by your blog! You truly did break the conformity and honestly told your opinion, no matter which side of the class it favored. I think I actually started thinking more about psychology reading your blog than the last couple I have read.

I'll admit, I did make up a slightly BS blog about how fascinating child development is. While I do find it interesting, the chances of me sitting and closely analyzing my own childrens' development are slim to none. It's not because I didn't learn anything either, I did. However, I find most of the things we learned through this class were basic concepts with just more detail and elaboration.

I really like this blog because it is a break from the norm. I have to admit, I probably will not take much from this class; it doesn't pertain to my interests. You really made a great point with this class being alienating and broad.

Phenomenal post! First I would like to say that after reading your post the one thing I will take away is the statistic that Shannon showed us in class about how students’ intelligence does not change that much from when they are freshman to when they are seniors. Sometimes I do feel like we are just paying $80,000 for a diploma so that in the future we can earn a bigger paycheck. I am a senior now. what do I remember from my classes freshman year? Nothing. Sophomore year? Nothing. Junior year? Nothing. I honestly can’t even remember all the classes I’ve taken. I think part of the reason is that so many of us have to work or have so many other commitments that we don’t focus all that much on our studies. We do enough to get by, because that will get us a degree.

I agree with you on a few points. I think that this class should've been more specific with a lot less content. There wasn't very much depth to the class as I thought it to be. For a required course, i feel as though this class could've done a better job of making more students interested in the world of psychology. Overall, great blog and I enjoyed your narrative!

I agree with you that this course was a broad area of psychology with a lot of content. Yes, it was hard to understand for me since English is not my first language. It was a lot of work. I enjoyed reading your blog.

I agree with you. Upon taking this course, it was required within my major, though I was also excited to take the couse, to learn new and interesting facts about us humans. Yes I did learn a lot, but the course was so broad, and the content of lecture was boring. I started not enjoying the class, and the busy work was way too much, I like a lot of other people have other commitements and responsibilities that this class required to much of it by itself. Id rather take this course through PSTL where there are smaller classes and better interaction with the class and the teacher.

I really appreciate the very honest feedback that you've all provided. While psychology, this class format etc. may not be everyone's cup of tea, I still value your opinion and appreciate your honesty. You are entirely correct in staying that the subject matter is very broad, as an effort to give as much information on a broad topic as possible. As a result, we may have lost some of the "meat and potatoes" that you were looking for, but I hope you can still benefit from any psychology courses you take in the future!

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