What is intelligence?

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As I reflect on the past semester, the topic that most stands out in my mind is the definition of intelligence. The reason this theme stands out in my mind is because of the variability of the definition and how there are so many ways in which it can be perceived. Different psychologists hold different beliefs on how intelligence should be ranked and in which areas they can be ranked. There is Sternberg's triarchic model that looks at practical, creative, and analytical fields of intelligence. The model I find more effective in measuring intelligence is Gardner's Multiple Intelligences; my reasoning behind backing Gardner is because of the wide array of facets he considers in determining an intelligence level. Gardner measures eight different types of intelligence so that people are not limited to one itinerary. It is hard to measure intelligence level because there are so many different ways in which we can be deemed smart. The reason I will remember this lesson of intelligence above all else is because I do not believe that we have fully discovered a universal test of intelligence. Better understanding how people function can help our understanding of intelligence and that can be applicable in making judgments for colleges and jobs.


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Yes, I agree that the content about intelligence is really interesting. But, I guess it is just because there are too many concepts about intelligence that make me feel really confused about it. I like the debate about how intelligence should be ranked and in which areas they can be ranked, although it won't be the concept that I will remember for another 5 years.

Intelligence was interesting to me as well. I am not the biggest fan of trying to measure intelligence. There are always mistakes that could happen in tests. But it is still good to have a rough score to be able to see what people can handle.

I agree with you, but venture to take it even a step further. Is it even worth measuring people's intelligence. Is it not enough to measure people's ability by what they have already done. I live by the saying that the best predictor of people's future is their past.

I liked learning about intelligence too. I've always wondered what it is, but now i realize there is not one simple answer because it such a difficult subject. Psychologists can't even come to an answer. It was fun learning about different views on intelligence and different intelligences.

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