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Psychology is yes, lots of theories, but there is also a side to psychology that looks into the biology of the body. Biology being the study of life and living things. So what is biological psychology exactly? It is the study of "nerves, neurotransmitters, brain circuitry, and other biological processes" that are used to explain behaviors. Biopsychology is also known as behavioral neuroscience. In chapter 3 they start out with diagraming nerve cells, explaining individual parts and how all their parts function together to create "webs" of neurons that communicate with one another to make our body function. They then move onto parts of the brain explaining what each section "controls" or monitors. IE: the "hypothalamus controls the body's endocrine system." Next connected with the brain, they talked about the spinal cord and its function. I found most interesting in this chapter the couple paragraphs discussing the somatic and autonomic nervous system (the first controlling muscles, the second controlling emotions.) Lastly, they discussed mapping the brain. In this section different ways of "seeing" brain function were discussed. They talked about different scans used to follow electrical impulses or functioning parts of the brain depending on what the test subject was doing, watching, etc... This got me wondering what sort of new scans will scientists develop to help us more understand the brain and each parts function.

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