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I found the BBC Horizon video extremely helpful in understanding our consciousness between being awake and being asleep and how it tells us about our sense of self. Marcus de Sautoy decides to be involved in an experiment that will help him understand consciousness while awake and asleep. The experimenters believes that "sleep is the key to unlocking the mysterious of what makes [us the way we are] (41:40)." The first step of the experiment is to put a "cap" on Marcus' head and that will have some electrodes (which are like little microphones) to listen to the different voices of instruments (inside of the brain). The second step the TMS process which is a machine that is put on top of Marcus' head and will give a slight electric shock to the head/brain. Both of these steps are happening while he is awake. The next step will be Marcus being asleep and the same process will happen while he is asleep, but unfortunately he couldn't fall asleep and couldn't finish the experiment. He did have a chance to look at the same experiment that other people did. What was interesting was that the different parts of the brain communicated with each other in response to the electric shock while he was awake. While he was sleeping, only the initial part of the brain that received the shock responded. It was like the other parts of the brain was shut down. With this experiment, we can say that the interconnections in our brains keeps us aware of our self and the world around us. We are conscious when are brain communicates and work as a whole.,r:13,s:0

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