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Based on the video posted on the psychology website, called The Secret You, we see that a man did a test to see what really was making the decisions about what he would do. He went into a machine to read his brain activity and was told to randomly press either the left or the right button when they were ready. When making his decision, they could see brain activity 6 seconds before he actually pushed the button. This is showing that his brain is making the decisions before he consciously pushes the button. But your brain is in line with what you desire, so it isn't necessarily going to make you do something that you don't want to do. But in the video, they said "your consciousness is your brain activity and that is what is leading your life." So essentially you can see what someone is going to do six second before that person actually becomes aware of what they are going to do by looking at their brain activity. I found this video to be very interesting and shocking. It is hard to believe that they can see your brain activity and know what decision you are going to make before you even realize it yourself. I found this video to be very interesting and would recommend it to everyone.!

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