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Although I have learned a lot from psychology 1001 I think the thing I will remember the most is the six principles of critical thinking. These principles have been pounded over and over in our heads throughout the entire book. Although it seemed rather annoying I think it really had a lasting impact. The principles have helped me examine the media. I am now more aware when reading newspaper articles, and listening to the evening news. Titles like "Eating blueberries can help you loose ten pounds in two weeks", or "Watching late night TV increases sexual activity among teenagers" can be seen in almost every paper. Because of the six principles I am now more critical towards the articles. Correlation vs. causation is the big one that has stuck with me. Can I be sure that A causes B? I think these principles will stay with me for the next five years and even longer because they help me evaluate information I am given and ultimately help me determine my decision about whether the article or news cast is correct or reliable information. I think it is also important for everyone to be aware of these principles so as a community everyone can be well informed and have a critical eye.

This past summer I spent a month in New Zealand on a volunteer trip. I was surprised to see so many people with tattoos. I found this interesting because although tattoos are popular in the United States, what surprised me was many men and women had tattoos covering their faces. We later learned from our tour guide that in New Zealand the tattoos represent stories and are considered beautiful markings on women. In America if someone has a tattoo on their face they are considered out of the norm, but in New Zealand it is a sign of honor. I find it interesting that cultures around the world consider different appearances to be beautiful. I think these differences show that beauty truly does reside in the eye of the beholder. In America the definition of beauty is blond, blue eyed and thin. Women in Brazil are also considered beautiful if they are skinny. However in Africa the opposite is considered beautiful. Men prefer women who are slightly heavier. They believe that this means a woman is ready to have children. In southern Ethiopia scars on women's bodies determine beauty. When they are young children their elders cut them in patterns creating unique scars across their skin. In Iran facial features determine beauty. Because it is the law to cover your hair in Iran many women focus on their facial appearances going to extreme measures to make them beautiful. Iran has the highest rate of nose jobs in the world, performing about 60,000 a year. Not all beauty is determined by facial appearances. In France women are considered beautiful by how they present themselves such as what they wear. When reading the textbook I found it interesting people tended to rate the most average looking women beautiful. I found this interesting because when I think of beautiful people I think of celebrities. They don't seem to look average to me. It is important to recognize beauty comes in all forms, and to appreciate the beauty in other cultures and to not become so obsessed with appearances. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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