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I was interested in reading about the different levels in language acquisition based on the age at which a person started learning a new language. From birth until the age of about seven a person has the potential to learn all the language that a native person would know. After this age people do not usually master a language at the level of proficiency as a person who is a native speaker. As a person ages they become less and less likely to master a language. It makes me wonder why in high school everyone needed to take a foreign language. If we were going to take a foreign language we should have started in elementary school since at that age we would be better able to master the language. I remember taking Spanish classes in high school and I think that I have still retained a lot of information from those classes, but much of what I have learned has faded from my memory. Had I started taking classes earlier I would have retained so much more information. I think that all students in the United States should take a second language starting in kindergarten, and then when they reach middle school they should begin studying a third language. I know some of my friends from other parts of the world have a similar education system where they learn two additional languages to their native language. I think learning multiple languages gives students more opportunities in employment later on in their life. And I think that learning different languages is a good exercise for your brain, and helps a person think in different ways.

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