Huynh-week 7

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Week 1
I believe "Leadership" must be creative, integrative, courageous, visionary and the ability to encourage followers.
Week 2: As we discussed in class today about attendance policy, I realized that leadership does not mean to get others to involve in a community with a reward or punishment. Instead, effective leaders are who able to inspire their followers to contribute in group with their passion and appreciation. Relating to our reading course, I agree that in general each individual has their own definition what is it mean to be a leader depending on their experiences and their environment.
Week 3
In my opinion, in order to build a vigorous community leaders must have a vision how to balance and tolerate the weakness and strengths in that group. Leaders must know to get everyone involves and supports each other instead of leave the weak out. Leaders are to lead so they must care for others rather than just focus on the dominants.
Week 5

Through our class presentation I realized in order to be a leader of someone else or a group, an individual must able to lead his/herself and it's the foundation of leadership. Leading oneself is not easy therefore if a person able to battle against the evil of oneself, the habits that cause their failure, negative emotions and thoughts that block their will, goals and decisions... If an individual wins these things, they will have a solid strength and ability to master a great mind and body and it's also the quality of community leadership.

Leadership must be open minded and open our heart, the more we share with others the stronger bonds in our relationship. In a community we not just share something common in general, but we need seek to understand each other about their personal struggles as well as their strengths and weakness. When we understand each other better, it's easier to set our common goals and find way to achieve our goals.
Week 7: definition
Leadership performance in a team is like a process of building a stable wall. Everyone in this team has a specific role and certain mission; their role is like the bricks are stacked. When these bricks are put together into a solid structure we would have a stable wall.
My recent two definitions are not alike because my last week definition is about sharing personal's difficulty in order to understand each other well in a group. My week definition is about how leadership performance plays a role in a team. In "Get on the Balcony", Heifetz, Linsky state that "But if you had gone up to the balcony and looked down on the dance floor, you might have a very different picture. You would have noticed all sorts of patterns." Heifetz, Linksy, & M p. 53) which means that as a leader we should observe things from different points of views; furthermore, this phrase suggests that leadership should not be selfish and judge things from our own perspective only.
Heifetz, R.A., &Linsky,M. (2002)." Get on the balcony." Leadership on the Line: Staying alive through the dangers of leading. ( p51-54). Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

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