Photomicroscope images


In the first week of Developmental Biology, we learnt how to use the microscope and a computer program to take digital images of the slides. These are some photos that I took on Thursday (1/17/13).
Nematocera Eclosion (608x640).jpg
Figure 1: The overall image of Nematocera Eclosion was contructed by 6 overlapping images at 5x objectives

Staphylindae (396x800).jpg
Figure 2: The overall image of Staphylindae was contructed by 6 overlapping images at 5x objectives


Great photos. Brings me memories of my days in comparative anatomy.

Is your Chironimid male or female? What stage is it at?

What software did you use to line up the images?

These are very nice and clear.

Pretty clear photos..

Very clear images. The demands of all types of microscopes are increasing day by day.

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