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Report Cards Due

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African American Read-In Host Report Card

The host report cards are used to compute the number of readers each year. Individual report cards are then converted into an annual report card on the African American Read-in. Also, your name is added to the database, giving tangible evidence of your role in making literacy a significant part of Black History Month.

To complete visit:

Apr. 18, 6:00p. Black Men Reading Book Discussion
Book: Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation
Location: NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

Black Men Reading

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Join us for Black Men Reading
Wed. 6 - 8 p.m.
North Point Health and Wellness
1313 Penn Ave N

See Walter Mosley Live

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Apr. 21, Literary Luncheon in partnership with Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority featuring Walter Mosley Location: Nicollet Island Pavilion. Ticket information to come.

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