Updates from Zambia

The below post was authored by John Heimerl, PL2, University of Minnesota Pediatrics Residency.

Greetings again from Zambia.

I succeeded in finding a better way to access the internet. There is an internet cafe a short walk from the TTF clinic and the speed is fast enough to upload pictures and not take all day to do it. This is a good thing, as TTF has been without internet all week.

Earlier this week while Dr. Tim was south at a conference, we had a traditional Zambian meal together at the farm.

Our meal consisted of nshima, Chinese cabbage stew and sausages

Nshima is the traditional food here, and likely everyone in the country can make it. It is made from ground corn and is the staple of the local diet. Nmisha typically is served with beans or rice, and sometimes fish or chicken is served as a side. I can't say there is much taste to it, but I kind of like it at the same time. I will try to bring some back with me so I can make some for my wife.


Preparing Nshima and the meal

Clinic has been busy this week. We have seen and enrolled numerous children and adults. One of the children was 13 month old with stage IV HIV, due to severe wasting. He will be starting ARV therapy and has been enrolled in the TTF nutrition program.

One of my roles has been to help make it easier to track progress while children are getting nutrition support.


This mother and child were both new to the clinic. The boy is 4 years old and, as you can see, has a rather large umbilical hernia.


While Dr. TIm was away I did some shopping. I was able to find a nice selection of tomatoes just outside of the clinic for a good price

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