John Heimerl Completes His Elective In Zambia

Wow, I am now down to my last few days in Zambia. It is amazing how fast time goes!

This past weekend the farm hosted a Tiny Tim and Friends social and graduation. Each month, children newly enrolled in the program gather to celebrate those who have been in the group already for six months.

The day is filled with education and activity and culminates with a graduation ceremony.





Over 80 children attended. I had the opportunity to take some good pictures during the event, and as soon as a camera was noticed I was surrounded by children asking to have their picture taken.



The farm also started building for the animal enclosures that are being planned for the farm.

This is the future site of the chicken house. The farm also plans to keep goats and ducks in the future.


Also on Saturday we visited Our Lady's Hospice.

Dr. Tim rounds there each week and sees the more complicated patients they are having difficulties with.

We saw three adult patients. One had suffered an acute intracranial hemorrhage following an eclamptic seizure, another was suffering from dementia, and the last was also suffering the devastating effects of a stroke. There were 28 patients at the hospice.

Our Lady's Hospice will be the site of the first pediatric palliative care center in Zambia.

TTF will start with 4 rooms at the hospice and then expand in time.

The project will allow for proper palliation and access to opioids when needed. Currently, terminally ill children in Zambia are either sent the University Teaching Hospital or are sent home with minimal pain relief.

The new palliative care center will be staffed with a specifically pediatric- trained nurse on site to care for the terminal children.

The training is intense and will take two months in Uganda.

There are big things on the horizon for TTF and the children of Zambia.

I will be traveling back to Minnesota on April 5, so this will conclude my blog updates from Zambia. Thanks to all of you for viewing my photos and posts while I've been here.


Cheers, John