Case Study From Cameroon

These cases were submitted by 2nd year pediatrics resident, Katie Satrom on international elective in Cameroon. Photographs were used with the permission of the family.

CASE 1. Differential Diagnosis of Acute Jaw Swelling


6 year-old previously healthy male presents with 3 days of painful left jaw swelling. The pain is worse with eating and is associated with bleeding from the mouth.

After IV therapy

Outcome: Given extremely poor dental hygiene and initial improvement with antibiotics, the child was continued on IV antibiotics for the treatment of a dental abscess and associated cellulitis.

CASE 2. Fine needle aspiration consistent with Burkitt's Lymphoma


5 year-old previously healthy female presents with 2 weeks of painless right jaw swelling. She was seen by an outside facility where she was treated with antibiotics for a presumed dental abscess without improvement.

After 1 cycle of chemotherapy