Bomberg finishes first week at Menominee Tribal Reservation

Posted on behalf of 3rd Year MedPeds Resident Eric Bomberg

Hello all! Eric Bomberg here, just finishing up my first week in Shawano, Wisconsin at the Menominee Tribal Reservation.

The experience here has been fantastic! I work as a Medicine/Pediatric hospitalist in the morning, seeing patients from the Menominee tribe who were admitted.  In the afternoon I go to work at the Menominee Tribal Clinic, where I have my own schedule of patients.

Bomberg - Memoniee June 2013.jpg

The picture above was taken looking out from the balcony at the home where I am staying.  We're close to the river at home and at the hospital!  We have wireless internet, cable TV, a full kitchen, a laundry machine, and weekly house cleaning services.  They take good care of us here

At the hospital, all of my meals are covered and they even pack me a bag lunch to take with me when I go to clinic.  Because the hospital is small, everyone there knows who you are and they know my food preferences!

The hospital has 25 beds and we take care of everything from newborns to trauma. The patients at the hospital are not all from the Menominee tribe, and there are many other providers there as well.  We admit our own patients from clinic and almost exclusively follow tribal patients while there.

The major things I have taken away so far is what is means to practice in a rural setting (Shawano is the largest town around here with a population of approximately 9,000).  It's not uncommon to see a patient in clinic and then follow them in the hospital.  The experience of practicing medicine in a rural setting first hand is so valuable and I've already learned so much in one week. 

More to come!!! Eric