MP Resident Bomberg brushes up on OB and NRP Skills

Posted on behalf of MP3 Resident, Eric Bomberg

This has definitely been a crazy week. I drove back to the Cities for graduation events, which was great!  However, on the way back, about 20 miles outside of Shawano, my car hit a deer on the freeway.  Apparently, this happens to almost everyone at some point in Shawano.  In fact, car insurance rates in the county are about $400 dollars a year higher than surrounding areas due to the extensive deer population and the fact this happens so much. Had to get the car towed to Green Bay, where it will be for the next 2 weeks as they fix the extensive damage.

This continues to be a fantastic experience. I am on call tonight, and there was a young mother with type I diabetes who presented with preterm labor at 30 weeks gestation. The heart tones were not fully reassuring. 

My heart was racing a bit as I thought about the possibility of having to resuscitate this 30 week child that would be born to a diabetic mother. There is no NICU here, and no neonatalogist in the near vicinity.

I quickly read up on my neonatal resuscitation and got ready to go. Fortunately, the heart tones stabilized, and we were able to transfer the mother to an acute care hospital with NICU capabilities, as we do not have this here.  The alternative would be to have stabilized the baby and transfer out when available . . . such is life in a rural setting.

Although my residency does not train me to do OB, this whole experience was definitely a great refresher, and definitely got me to read up on my NRP skills!

Plans for later in the week are going on Thursday to see patients in the jail on the reservation.  More updates coming soon!