Nate Herr (PL2) tells us about The Container

Posted on behalf of Nate Herr (PL2)

This is the building we affectionately call 'The Container" because, well, it's a shipping container.  Granted, it has a few upgrades since its shipping days including a roof, windows, WiFi, a water cooler, and thankfully an oscillating fan. 

The Container.JPG

This is one of the hubs of research collaboration with Makerere University in Uganda, the University of Minnesota, and Michigan State University.  In it you'll find medical students from the UMN-- Nick Sausen is here putting together donated EEG machines to help better define EEG changes in cerebral malaria and correlate it with the neuropsych testing that's being done.  Remember Tundun Williams?  She graduated from our Peds Residency last year and has been here since on a Fogarty Fellowship working on a clinical trial regarding sickle cell disease treatment in Africa.

While there's no room for me in the container, I'm often working nearby with others in the Global Health Uganda team on their both ongoing and upstarting malaria research projects.  More on that later. for now, please take a moment and send some cold Minnesota vibes to those working in the container.