First Patient Enrolled - Nate Herr (PL2)

Posted on behalf of Nate Herr (PL2)

With nearly perfect triumphal timing, it's my final week here and we just enrolled the first patient.  The process went smoothly, and in observing it all, it felt good see the family acting quite content and pleased to be receiving quality care and attention to detail both now and over the next year. 

They weren't the only ones pleased.  Many members of the NDI study team stopped by to say hello; from the lab technicians to the home visit coordinators.  The first enrollment is always a big day!

GHU NDI Project Director, Ruth Namazzi, and Medical Officer, Denis, go over the enrollment forms in the consultation room.  (patient and family not photographed)

Also, I must note that Ruth is an excellent Ugandan pediatrician and is the Project Director here for the NDI study.  If you're in Minnesota this month you'll have the chance to meet her on April 29th when she presents her results on "Change in Hemoglobin concentration of Children with Severe Anemia at Mulago Hospital: A Prospective study."  It's her first time visiting Minnesota and the presentation will be at Dr Cindy's house at 6:30pm.