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Sunlight Phototherapy Study Well Underway

Our colleague, Tina Slusher, MD, is currently in Lagos, Nigeria, coordinating the sunlight phototherapy study that was recently funded by Thrasher Research Fund.

The study aims to ensure the efficacy of filtered sunlight as a means to provide phototherapy for jaundiced babies in the developing world. Current data suggests that severe newborn jaundice and its progression to kernicterus is a leading cause of deaths and disabilities among newborns in the developing world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

The tent provides a filter for harmful UV rays. Mothers are able to sit under the sunlight phototherapy tent with their babies during treatment.

Tundun Williams, current second-year Pediatrics resident on international elective in Nigeria, works under the tent with moms and babies.

Dr. Williams monitors a baby being treated under the tent.