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In an effort to increase revenue and cut costs, the Spring 2005 University Libraries book sale was conducted in two parts, a dealer auction and a public sale. Prior to the sale, more valuable books were selected and divided into four lots of about 100 books each. Dealers were invited to examine and bid on these lots, which generated over $1700 in revenue for the Libraries. The public sale was held March 21 & 22, where items were sold for one dollar and fifty cents. This raised nearly $2000 in revenue. We will continue to hold public book sales twice a year, once during Fall semester, and once during Spring. We are investigating the possibility of holding book sales consistently on a holiday (e.g. Halloween and Valentine's Day) in order to minimize advertising (since the book sale dates will, over time, be planted in the public's mind). Since the dealer auction was a financial success, we expect to continue inviting dealers to bid on book lots prior to the public sale.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the University Libraries Book Sale, please contact Mark Desrosiers.

~ Submitted by Mark Desrosiers, May 2005

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